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Latest news: Festival Fantazie - 01.VII.2015 07:00

Wandering werefox hideout

Welcome to my website, where I present my creations.

I mostly draw pictures with a hopefully original and humourous potrayal of some situation or combining a number of seemingly unrelated things. Many turn out somewhat linked, theme or story-wise, which in turn inspired full-on webcomics.

There are other fields I tried. It includes programming, which I do professionaly too, but I don't have any finished generally usable personal projects since I started. Once in a while I write something and I've also been translating a webcomic for quite some time now. There's more, but not all deserves to be published.

My inspiration comes from stories and myths about werewolves (and other werecreatures), fantasy in general and also the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic quite a lot lately.

Please, if you like something from this website and you wish to share it with someone, don't forget to link the source.


  • Festival Fantazie
    01.VII.2015 07:00
    Because I am attending Festival Fantazie in Chotěboř, I won't be able to translate the latest parts of Freefall. Updates are set to run 'till 10th july, followed by a week-long break.…
  • Traffic restoration
    14.IV.2015 20:30
    I aplogize for the unexpected error this page had, and my taking a week to circumvent it.…
  • Freefall translations through the summer
    22.VI.2014 07:00
    There is one certain time in which I won't be uploading translated strips, which is 30th june - 11th july.…
  • Big news
    14.XI.2013 20:00
    I once said it would take me 2-4 months to rewrite the website. Well, four months have passed (a couple times) and I finally have a usable version of the system.…
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