HaP38-Start of the date - Henry and Patrick

Henry, a college student, has been bitten by a werewolf. Now both he and his friend Patrick have to come up to it.
It's a hand-drawn, greyscale strip using the ideas that don't fit the universe of Werewolf Richard.
Again my take on the theme isn't according to the usual patterns.

Updates halted because I hoped to get more ideas for the current story arc. Since I didn't, I might go ahead with what I have.

This webcomic also has a backup site.

This comic also has a chinese translation (Thanks ltyd0619/LunarClaw for the effort).
HaP38-Start of the date
His waiting finally ends Smile

I tried to draw this strip by a different techique... It took me really long and the result is sub-par, so I won't do it ever again.
12.VII.2010 07:00
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