WR Strip #4 - Protection - Miscellaneous

WR Strip #4 - Protection
Even after the redo this strip doesn't make mush sense... Oh well.
I atleast tried to come up with some background:
The man you see is a locar farmer. He believes the only solution for his animals being taken by wild beasts is to shoot them all. And so Richard decided to convince him of other methods. Once in a while he goes and takes something. And he'll continue until the guy installs a non-violent reppeler.
And today, a real wolf came into this, unexpected.
13.XI.2013 21:30
Mně to dávalo jiný smysl ale nic :)
Mumodeanel: 19.IV.2009 18:28
Mohu vědět jaký?
QtW: 20.IV.2009 12:13
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