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Online comics I recommend you read.

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A list of Czech on-line comics with comments by the authors

In English

Basic Instructions
Simple advice on how to survive different people and situations.

Done by: Scott Meyer
Comics by RHJunior
A site with many comics.
Personal favourites: Tales of the Questor, Quentyn Quinn space ranger, Tallyho and Camp Calomine

Done by: RHJunior
A wombat gets into the middle of strange happenings.

Done by: Ursula Vernon
Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life
The strange adventures of a man that set out to search for the meaning of life.
There's really awesome weird humour in this one. I hearthily recommend it.

Done by: Dan Long
Faux Pas
Stroy of a fox pair and farm animals (also this site has a lot of information on foxes)

Done by: R&M Creative Endeavors
A SF komics about a ship crew consisting of a squid capitain in an enviroment suit, a robot and a wolf engineer.

Done by: Mark Stanley
Heavenly Nostrils (Phoebe and her Unicorn)
The friendship between a girl and a unicorn.

Done by: Dana Simpson
Kevin and Kell
An allegorical comics about today's society: How would animals act if they used human intelectual traits.

Done by: Bill Holbrook
Life and Death
What is being Death like?

Done by: Jonathan Oliver
The wandering of a wolf pack and the human threat around.
A very well drawn comic, slightly reminiscent of Wolf's Rain.

Done by: Anna Podedworna & Katarzyna Redesiuk
A finished comic about Promethieus, his punishment and constant humiliation.

Done by: "Niran"
Sandra and Woo
Thoughts about life as told by a girl and her raccoon.

Done by: Oliver Knörzer
Shlock mercenary
A sci-fi comic about a mercenary group from the 31st century

Done by: Howard Tayler
Free webhosting - for on-line comics only.
The Belfry webcomic index
An English list of many on-line comics.
User friendly
A comic about the people working in a small internet company.

Done by: "Illiad"
Technical, science and similarily intellectualy oriented humour for everybody.
There's also a special subsite with answers for difficult questions: what-if

Done by: Randall Munroe

Crazy comics by Chris Hallbeck

Library Comic
What librarian workdays look like.

Done by: Chris Hallbeck and Gene Ambaum
Everyday situations with an unusual twist
Single panel jokes that will show you a new look at the world around you.
The book of Biff
Follow the misadventures of Biff, his troubles and his specific ways of dealing with them.

Station V3 and spinoffs
There are a lot of refueling stations in space… Not all of them can be perfect…
All are made by Tom Truszkowski

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