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I call myself Quint the Wanderer (Quint for short) and I like to make funny and parody pictures and comics and some various other types of creations on the side. Their theme often falls into one of my interests, which, among others, include IT stuff, wereanimals and the latest My Little Pony cartoon.

Weird? Yes, I am (: The sabertooth pony avatar is a good hint of that.

Please, if you like something from this website and you wish to share it with someone, don't forget to link the source.


  • Clearing up the update plan 01.III.2012 07:00
    Many of you are likely confused by the various announcements I've made on some websites I frequent. That's because I wasn't quite sure by my plan yet myself. Now I've put it together, even if it's no less confusing.…
  • Today's Freefall 15.II.2012 08:00
    As there was no original comic last wednesday due to the author's injury, the next translated strip shall come out on friday.
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