Inactive werecreature comics

I decided to maintain a werecreature webcomic list here. I update it around the end of the month. I have my guidelines for what I include, but I also know how to make exceptions.

These comics haven't updated more than half a year and it seems they have been abandoned, or it has been stated they are finished.

In English

A magical roommate
A magic-user is sent into a 'normal' school.
Has a wide variety of characters, with a number of reccuring werewolf ones.
(Officaly finished)

Done by: Emily Martha Sorensen
Acid Reflux
Little God tries to get followers in a D&D-type world.
Officially abandoned.

Done by: "OrangeCat"
Amy and the Beast
The last werewolf, with a brave gril and two vampires as monster hunters.
(Comic archived in a Deviantart gallery)
You can also find the finished comic "The Wolf gang" in this gallery.

Done by: "92nw11"
Granting wishes always causes trouble...

Done by: "Werer"
Beast of Eden
When is it better to listen to your inner animal?

Done by: Andrew Bandish
Black Forest
Some "passing down lycanthropy" for being grateful and what it leads to

Done by: Stevie Wilson
Black Tapestries
A fantasy comics about a girl cursed into being a werefox.
Old archive
Other indirectly related webcomics by this author:
Crimson fury

Done by: "Jakkal"
Brad the vampire
The Adventures of a young vampire, a gay werewolf, a necromancer's ghost etc.

Done by: Richard Bellingham
Calling all angels
Vampires versus werewolves, where two are friends and a witch gets into the middle of it.

Done by: "Heartlessfang"
Canis Lupus
Vampires and werewolves, in a war just below your windows...
Officially finished.

Done by: "Rofox" & "Rabbie"
Cape Town Werewolf
About the life of a werewolf wrestler.

Done by: "Miss_Spookines"
Clan of the Cats
The active life of a werepanther witch.

Done by: Jamie Robertson
Unusual incidents of even more unusual roommates.
(Temporarily unavailable)

Done by: Maritza Campos
A girl just starting college finds out a lot of surprises.

Done by: Nashoba Hostina
A little chaotic story about two shifter groups.

Done by: Emily K.
Why we don't know about shapeshifters.

Done by: Tim Turner
Golden Sun Generations: Colosso
A pervert is trying to reform for a werewolf girl. (1st part, Finished)

Done by: Trinidad Gomez
A christian werewolf unholy creature killer.

Done by: "Perfect Commando"
The troubles of young werewolves in the city

Done by: "Kai san"
A not so usual wolf.

Hosted in a Deviantart gallery.

Done by: Britta Mertl
Kisa Complex
A girl searches for a werewof.
a short comic story, officially finished.

Done by: "Manekochan"
Lucky Dawg
A werewolf with anger management problems in a world with superheroes and supervillans.

Done by: Adam J. Monetta
Luka's journey
A wolfess from a cursed pack, displeased with her current life, finds a way to get a new one.

Officially ended.

Done by: Dolores Okecki
Lunar Diaries
A werewolf and other "talented" fight for the people.

Done by: Christopher Sealy
A very well drawn comic about a girl who becomes a werewolf and finds herself in an old conspiracy.
Officialy done.

Done by: Megan Willis
A werewolf and a werefox, struggling with the world

Done by: "hobgoblin1200"
A well done comic about a man-eating college werewolf.

Done by: Steven Artelle
Medusa's Moon
The world of shifters and a possible threat of one girl.

Done by: "Nezumi-Neko"
Midnight son
Lycanthropy is quite a lifechanger…

Done by: AJ Johnson
A humorous strip about a dark witch and her childish werewolf servant.

Done by: "hguyver"
A comic with two storylines that change chaotically, one of them later becoms werewolfy.
Officially finished.

Done by: Simon Shepherd
Magic battles between two god's followers (archives not full, sometimes hard to read)

Done by: Richard Gardner
Of kittens and curses
Watch out for cats that like to bite.

Done by: "Dark_Link777"
Ookami Shiro
What a genetically engineered werewolf refugee has to go through.

Done by: "Witchy" & "Calintz Aurion"
A shapeshifter's hard life.
Finished as a written story.

Done by: Megan Davies
Paradigm shift
Werewolves and american police investigating... How does it go together?

Done by: Dirk Tiede
Shapeshifters all all kinds protect their island

Done by: "darker the dragon"
Roxy: Comic Book Superhero
A little group of unusual students

Done by: Kiru Banzai
Sorcery 101
Werewolves, demons, sorcerers... And they're everywhere around.

Done by: Kel McDonald
The story of two wolfy companions in a fantasy world.
(Officially ended)

Done by: Samantha Whitten & Stacey Pefferkorn
Stupid Moon
Blunders of one she-werewolf.

Done by: "Kaytheist"
The Awakened
There's a wargame around us that we don't see...

Done by: Sarah Davis
The Daemonslayers
Slaying daemons is almost a job for non-humans.

Done by: Isabelle Davis
The hunters
What could be the worst for a werewolf hunter?

Done by: Alex Jean
The Krae
The side effects of fighting with shifters.

Done by: "Krae"
The War of Winds
An interesting fantasy story with a number of shapeshifters.
Officially halted, even though unfinished.

Done by: Karen KEZ Howard
Thunder and Lightning
How can a wizard's familiar bonding ritual also go?
(Site inacessible)

Done by: Cassandra Matteis a Lara Whitaker
A werewolf, his exhausting friend and other supernatural things in the area.

Done by: "Desiree Dee"
A story about the conflict of humans, vampires, werewolves and on...
(Comic archived in a Deviantart gallery)

Done by: "BleakDragon"
Werewolves vs Vampires
Shorts strips about the life of a werewolf and a vampire.

Done by: "Torrie"
A cyborg searches for a cure in a werecreature world.

Done by: Rann
Wolf's Night
A story about a werehuman.

Done by: "hitokaji"
You're My Moon
A werewolf hanging out with a girl he saved.

Done by: "DarkChibiShadow"
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