Camp - Part 15 - Werewolf Richard

Werewolf Richard: Not-your-average werewolf stories with myths, opinions and fables about them in a point of view that shouldn't be taken seriously.
Descriptions of the main characters

Currently on hiatus. A half-finished storyline is in the works, sometimes I might throw in a standalone strip.

Richard has also found his way to China (Thanks ltyd0619/LunarClaw for the effort).
Camp - Part 15
This part marks the end of the camping story. I will take a break for the following 2-4 months and try to put effort into redesigning the whole website.
15.XI.2012 07:00
I sure hope it two months, not sure I can take four, but I understand the need for a break.  And to be honest I didn't notice Richard enjoying himself at Camp.  Anyway, hope the redesigning of the website go without a hitch.
mymom2000: 16.XI.2012 05:06
You and me both, but the two month term is an unlikely best case scenario.
I'll keep posting status updates, so you'll know how it goes along.
QtW: 17.XI.2012 06:00
Scenario? Oh brother, ever since that word was used in the popular live action TV show " the Great American hero " that's word has been used to no end when befor hand nobody knew what it meant.  I guess two months was too much to hope for, but hopefully I will still be here when you come back.
mymom2000: 19.XI.2012 17:26
po delsi dobe jsme si to cele precetl znova..skod za nepokracujes...
Wolferine: 01.II.2020 18:55
tvl ja ten notas prohodim  oknem,klavesnice neni delana na vlci prsty
Wolferine: 01.II.2020 18:55
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