Irregular werecreature comics

I decided to maintain a werecreature webcomic list here. I update it around the end of the month. I have my guidelines for what I include, but I also know how to make exceptions.

The comics in this list update irregularily and not too often, or they are inactive for more than two months, or when I'm unsure of what schedule they really have.

In English

Alpha Luna
The story of a girl discovering her werewolf past and future.

Done by: Leonardo Vidal
Chemical Attraction
A werewolf berserker and lab research in a world full of supernatural beings.

Done by: "Lilythekitsune"
Cat fighters, abusable technology and all around it.

Done by: D. Z. McRoy & Jeffrey Kan w/ A. Ziehl & J. Bennett
Peter is the Wolf
Trouble of a teenage werewolf.

Done by: Benjamin Rodriguez
A story describing the werecreature versus vampire battles.

Done by: Marie Tary
Were | wolf
From the site: "Comic strip about a young man's search for his identity and his place in the world, complicated by the fact that he is in fact, a werewolf"

Done by: A. Pidcock
O desetileté individualistické vlkodlačici v Americe.
Now in the process of being redrawed.

Done by: Oz Barton
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