Active werecreature comics

I decided to maintain a werecreature webcomic list here. I update it around the end of the month. I have my guidelines for what I include, but I also know how to make exceptions.

The comics in this list update regularily, or atleast fairly often (atleast two pages in a month). You will also find comics that had no activity in the past two months if they updated reguraliry before here.

In English

Animal Instinct
What to do when you wake as an anthrowolf?

Done by: Stephanie Barnett
Biff the Vampire
A funny comic about a modern vampire.
Some of the regularily appearing characters are werecreatures.

Done by: Erik Amill
Moonlit Brew
How dating might look like if you find a werewolf.

Done by: Kameren Jones & Goldberg Villanueva
A werewolf western story.

Done by: Alicia Muhm
The Last Element
The shapeshifting guardians of Earth face long forgotten trouble.
Incomplete backup page

Done by: Tiffawolf
Let's find out what a werewolf town is like.

Done by: Peter Von Brown
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