The page isn't (completely) dead)

Welcome, visitors.
I admit this site has been degrading slowly for very long. I'm not going to pick it up and make it the pinnacle of the Internet, but I have a few changes in mind.
1) Werewolf Richard: I'll try to pick that one up where I left off and do a restart. Drawing the pages still takes me longer than I'd like, bud I should manage two per month. No promises, though. The official update schedule shall be irregular.
2) Gallery: The Gallery on this site will be downgraded to a secondary one, with only a fraction of my stuff, mostly those that are easy to present in Czech. All of my artworks can be found in in my other gallery that gets promoted to the main one. All the links shall be added into the Crossroads and into the "about" info of the Gallery in the comics section.
Freefall translations shall continue as they did.
Sometime later I'm also planning a rewrite of the site code complete with a layout change. I don't dare to estimate a date of when that'll happen.
At last, let me wish you a peaceful and pleasant holidays and a successfull new year.
24.XII.2011 16:30
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