Expected changes

Freefall has passed 3333 parts last week, and the Czech translations will pass the same number right at the start of october. I hope you enjoy and that more such milestones will happen.
I'm going to have to do some changes regarding the web. They won't change much of the layout, but there need to be some adjustments made for narrow screens.
The bigger issue is to figure out what to do with visitor comments. The current service that manages the guestbook app is planning to close by the end of the year and nobody is using the comments system, so I guess I'll drop it along with user registration.
Before I think of some alternatives and put them up, I expect a lot of time to pass. Don't hesitate to recommend any services or solutions that you've seen and like (be they integrated or external, like a Discord server).
28.IX.2019 20:00
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