This screensaver is inspired by the screensaver of LHC@Home (a BOINC project). Basically a bunch of particles flying around a centerpoint, but very impressive.
The screensaver is written in Delphi 7, with the use of OpenGL.
the RAR archive has one file, Wisps.scr, inside. If you change the settings, it will create the file Wisps.num for to save the settings inside (mabye I'll look at how to write those in the registry instead later).
To use the screensaver, unpack the archive and copy the file to your system folder (it probably is "C:\Windows\system32" or something of that sort). Then just change your screensaver the usual way by the desktop properties.
This version was created in october 2008.
01.X.2008 00:00
Timezone used for the times displayed is UTC+1h.
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