Werewar is my attempt at a real-time strategy game that I've done as a school project. It is similar to WarCraft, except for the enemies of humans being werewolves.
The lastest version (1.15) is, unfortunately, just a testing alpha version. What does that mean?
  1. You can play only the multiplayer with only one other player; there is a "demo game" function, but the computer doesn't have an AI,
  2. while the multiplayer works, the sides aren't properly balanced,
  3. you need to know the manual to play, because there's no in-game help
  4. the graphics aren't one of the best (but the programming tool is to blame too, it works with only 256 colors. It is able to handle more, but that needs a certain hack),
  5. it's only in Czech.
That's why I didn't even make it public, but whoever wishes to have it can ask me.
Finished in the year 2006
01.VI.2006 00:00
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