• The wolf remembers... Now the human should learn to.
  • There's always a message howling in the wind. Sometimes it is just not meant for you.
  • Watch, learn, and then do it better!
  • To play means to learn; to teach means to learn; to try means to learn; mabye that's why I didn't learn anything.
  • The dark looks darker when you look at it through the light.
  • A lost scent doesn't nescesarilly mean the end of the pursuit.
  • Of course I know how to think! Or atleast I think so...
  • To live among wolves you have to act like a wolf; But how to act to live among people?
  • Thinking in context is one thing, but there is also the question of knowing what context it is.
  • The darkness looks stronger, because there's more of it, but light carries energy. But there can't be too much energy, to avoid destruction.
  • The apocalypse will come, just as it chooses how to. Mankind thinks of its possible scenarios.
  • Who searches will find. But what he didn't look for.
  • A human is a social creature. But is society a humanistic creature?
  • There is strenght in unity. That's why I'm an individualist - I'm strong enough as I am.
  • I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, and even if I don't want to, I'm going to make a lot more!
  • It's important to know your hunting grounds... Especially when hunting for information!
  • The difference between chaos and order is just in the point of view.
  • There were times when one's word of honour was enough. Today even black-on-white writings are becoming grey.
  • The question is mightier than the answer.

Everything written here is really only from my head. If you find something you know from elsewhere, let me know where (for verification) and I'll see what I can do.
10.XI.2013 14:10
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