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Spot the differences
I have mentioned this before, but I wanted to make this picture anyway.

So, on the final days of 2008 and beggining of 2009 I have "updated" my fursona, from a werewolf to a werefox with a pelt as if from the old fursona. A short while later, I came across a picture that was also a fox with a wolf pelt. It made me go "WTF? That can't be a ripoff of me, can it?" As it appears, it's the other way around - I have unknowingly ripped off somebody else. That somebody else is Urgan Nagru, from a book series called Redwall, by Brian Jacques. To this day I have only heard the names, I didn't get my hands on the text. Still, it seems to me there's enough differences to keep my fursona as it is.

Urgan Nagru character © Brian Jacques.
Urgan Nagru design heavily inspired by LadyNazgul-1912. (Thie picture in question. It is also the pic I was talking about in the paragraph)
02.VI.2010 15:05
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