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For the record, I do not have a Twitter account, neither do I have 140 characters. Though, the number of them isn't small. If I count everyone that has been given a name, including "forgotten" characters, it's over 50. If I count only ones who have a bigger significance, it gets to around 30. Most of them come from my webcomic, Werewolf Richard, but I don't find that surprising.

Anyway, who you see here (starting from the left):
*Twitter bird - not my character, it's there just for the pun.
*Me - My fursona, which I don't count as a character, per say.
*Pavel Chlop (Paul Mon) and Pepa H. (Joe H.) - Two of my oldest characters from way back before I started getting seriously creative, both human. Created after a "joke" we had between friends at school. Whenever I need random names I choose theirs. I consider them an inseparable duo (Like Laurel and Hardy, Pinky and the Brain, Adam and Jamie, ...), so for when I need just one random name, I created a third person for their group, an associate of sorts, Lojza Povaleč (Jimmy Loafer).
*Artix t. W. and Artix - What sounds like a schizophrenic character is just a parallel existence. Artix t. W. was the main character in a few of my written stories that were public, only for a short while, way back, in Czech only. He was a paranoid and shy werewolf (atleast he started that way). All the characters from those stories are now the "forgotten" ones, except I "recycled" Artix to the form you see in Werewolf Richard, that is an outgoing incorrigible joker, that looks exactly the same as before. Funny thing about the names. "Artix" would have almost been my online name, if I didn't decide not to mix my name with a name I've given to a character. I only used the "t. W." part, which I later expanded to the current "the Wanderer".
*Angela - Also from Werewolf Richard. I included her here because she is a character I probably would choose if I had the chance to spend some time with one.
*Vulpina - The last one from Werewolf Richard, the sassy and a little stuck-up Werefox. Quite memorable, I guess. One I really enjoy drawing :). Also, because I don't change designs (not drastically), she has had the most noticeable change of everyone. In the first ever picture of her, she didn't have the white fur on her head crescent shaped. But it was only on that one picture.
*Lucy - The most recent character, the psychiatrist lynx. Now in color :)
*Henry and Patrick - From my webcomic with the same name. Henry, just being new to lycanthropy, finding everything works differently than it seems it should. Patrick is Henry's best friend and supporter.
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